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Anyone reading X-Men:The End? If not, why not? This 18 issue series… - Mr. Sinister Fans [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jul. 12th, 2005|12:17 pm]
Mr. Sinister Fans


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Anyone reading X-Men:The End?
If not, why not?

This 18 issue series by Chris Claremont features pretty much every single character to ever appear in the X-titles. What's of added interest to us is that Mr. Sinister has a very central role in things.

Last month's issue contained a startling revelation concerning Sinister and one of the X-Men. I won't reveal all unless anyone really wants me to.

Also, Mr. Sinister will be appearing in the upcoming X-Men Legends 2:Rise of Apocalypse game.

Over in Ultimate X-Men, if you think back to when Ult.Gambit was first introduced. Hammerhead mentioned that LeBeau had dealings with Nathaniel Essex in the past, and that Essex was very dangerous (or words to that effect).
I know people were dissappointed with the Ult. Sinister debut, but I have hope. In the Cry Wolf story arc, which re-introduced Ult. Gambit, Rogue kissed him and amongst his memories was a goatee wearing scientist who looked a not nice guy... Hmmmm...

We know that Ult.Apocalypse made the Ult.Sinister character the stammering, beanie wearing killer he was portrayed to be. My theory is that Sinister, as Essex, was a right evil bastard. Ult. Apocalypse chose him because of that, and made him submissive as he would be easier to control.

Brian K. Vaughn, who wrote the Cry Wolf storyline is the regular writer on Ult. X-Men so has the opportunity to develop this storyline in the future.

At the moment, they are about to introduce the Ultimate version of Polaris, in a four part story. Get this, as soon as that storyline wraps up then Brian K. Vaughn will be having a co-writer working with him for the foreseeable future.

This co-writer is none other than Brian Singer!
He has already shown an interest in writing Ultimate versions of villains like Sinister and Apocalypse. So fear not, I dare say that within the next year we will see the true Ultimate version of Sinister.

I can't wait.

In the meantime:

Prepare your D.N.A.
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He is coming...
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