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About cloning question... [Sep. 1st, 2005|04:03 pm]
Mr. Sinister Fans



About cloning question...

... Of course, a cell has memory, but 90% of “dreams” are expelled from life during artificial approach, and 10% left are reduced from generation to generation and come off to zero...

Every birth in nature’s variant gets “Time” and “energies” which lead to Perfection and beyond it... There is no “time” and there is no “energy” during artificial variant... In this variant – high vulnerability from everything, from high radiation phone of the Earth – up to simplest illnesses...
Here one shouldn’t expect any talent and discoveries... Here there is no Idea having an interest for “Time” and Evolution of everything, though... nature is ready to work with any life variant, bringing further to the change of the body form... While there are no Ideas which create a physical body life, so the whole “space” life...

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